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TGB- Chiaki by LadyLirriea TGB- Chiaki by LadyLirriea
Name: Chiaki / The Orange-fire 
Kit Name: Lily 
Age: 20 Moons Old 
Gender: Female 
Tribe: Fire 
Rank: Warrior 
Accessories: Flower and Feather Necklace 
Breed: American Longhair 
Color: Golden Tabby 
Eye Color: Amber 
Fur Length: Medium, Slightly fluffier in the face and tail 
Nose/ Skin tone: Pink 
Ability: Secondary 
Block The Pebble
You manage to block a pebble that attempts to hit you 


Running Over Lava
You can shield your four paws so you can run over even the hottest substances! 


Small Sheild
Radius: 1 m³


Anti Fireball
Your shields can even take on fireballs! 
Medium Sheild 
radius: 1.5m³ 

Big Shield 
radius: 2m³ 

radius: 2.5m³ 

+- Independent / - Fiery Attitude / + Happy go Lucky / + Helpful / + Loyal / -  + Friendly /- Holds a Grudge  
Chiaki is a very independent cat. She likes to do things all by herself, and while this can be good at times it is bad at others. Sometimes it can get her in trouble in fights, but when hunting, it is helpful to be alone. This is not to say she doesn't love having friends -she loves her friends- but she also like doing things herself because then she can do them her way.  
Fiery Attitude:   
She has quite the attitude, and it is suggested it either came from her mother or father. Either way, it's best not to get on her bad side because you do not want it to flare up. She will argue with you if you start it, and she always has to get the last word in.  
Happy go Lucky:  
She almost always walks around with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. She is a very happy she-cat that just loves to make others happy as well. She has a light laughter that will lift your spirits.  
She loves to help others out and does so quite often. If you need something done at the moment, she is the cat to call. She won't do anything that she thinks is wrong. If you ask her something like this you might cause a huge argument, and she will probably give you the cold- shoulder long after.  
Chiaki is a very loyal she-cat; she is loyal to her tribe, and loved ones, though if she has friends outside her clan she will choose her clan over them. She will never do anything to break your trust and hopes you will never do anything to break her trust. She will always stick up for those she is loyal too.  
She is extremely friendly and tries to be friends with those she meets unless she really cannot. She will even make friends with cats from other tribes, however, if she has to meet them in battle she will. She is a good friend to have as well, but be careful not to lose her friendship or trust.  
Holds a grudge:  
Chiaki can hold a grudge for a very long time and most likely you will never get back on her good side unless you do something that pleases her extremely well. It is hard to get on this side of her, but you can if you aren't careful, and if you are a friend then she probably won't consider you one anymore.  
Her Tribe  
Sound in mind and Body: She is not an easy one to break, mentally or physically.  She uses this to her advantage often.  
Kits- Chiaki has a strong weakness for kits; she would never hurt one and loves them to death. She would give her life for a kits'.  
Before Birth:  
Mio was a fire tribe cat and rather proud to be one. She loved being a warrior until one day she was accused of being a traitor by her enemy, and worse yet, they believed them. Pushed into exile, she was devastated. She had always been a loyal she-cat. Why had this happened to her? She knew there were other cats out here, but she chose to stay by herself, thinking she was not worthy of their company.  
What she had not counted on was the handsome rouge male that had happened on her by chance. He was a dashing, golden male with a faded fire tribe tattoo and green eyes. The thing that threw her off immediately, though, was him being a flirt. She absolutely hated flirts. She spat at him telling him to leave her be and calling him a tribe deserter,  but instead of offending him it seemed to drive him on more.  
He came back day after day, taunting and flirting with her. They grew used to each others presence, forming a love-hate relationship. It was not the conventional type of relationship and at the time,  Mio was not sure whether she loved or hated him. One day she became sick after eating, since the was no healer, that she could see she had to guess that she was pregnant.
She was pregnant and an exile from her home tribe. She was so confused. What was she going to do? Who could she turn to? All she had was Rex; she had to do this though. The next time Rex came back she told him she was pregnant, and he was ecstatic, more so then her. She really had not wanted or expected kits, but what was done was done. She could not change it.  
Time passed quickly, and one stormy night Mio went into labor. It was hard on her and Rex as they had none to help them, and if something went wrong they were on their own. Plenty of bad things could happen to a laboring queen, but they hoped nothing would. She had a long labor, but in the end Lily, Saki and Edge were born. Mio instantly loved them. She could not help it. As she nursed them she knew she would have to tell them about the tribes sooner or later. She decided to wait though.  
Lily was the first to open her eyes; she immediately shut them again. This world was bright! She was coached to open them up again by her mother so they could adjust. She took in the world around her, and it was not as bright as she thought. They were inside a small den that let the sun in. She looked up into her mother's laughing blue eyes and smiled. She already liked this place and was wondering when she would be able to explore. Her mother explained that it would be a bit before she would be able to walk.  
She snuggled up to her and her brother and sister who, too, had opened their eyes. As she suckled her mother's milk, she dreamed of the adventures she could have. The next time she woke, she was greeted by a big, handsome tom who was smiling at her mother happily. She asked who he was and was told the he was their father. She accepted that and nodded off, going back to sleep.  
Soon as they had grown enough to walk, their mother protectively led them out, watching for hawks and other predators. They tumbled in the grass, play fighting. They were still small so they did not stay out long, but they knew soon they would be able to. Mio began telling them tales of her tribe and the other tribes. How every tribe cat had a tattoo that appears once they became and apprentice and of the powers the cats had, though she never told them why she 'left'.  
As they got older Mio prepared herself for their departure to the tribes. She began weaning them off her milk, a task that was as stressful to her as it was to them. When they were fully on meat she finally told them that soon they would have to choose whether to leave for the tribe or not. She told them the had until they were adults to decide, and that was quickly coming.  
Lily decided she wanted to go to the tribes; she wanted to be a warrior. Rex told her he would train her himself, along with her brother and sister, despite the fact they weren't going.   
When they where six moons old they received their tattoos; Lilly  was to belong in Fire tribe. Edge would have also been in Fire tribe and Saki would have been in Earth tribe. Their tattoo where all greyed out, but Lily's mother told her it would fill with color when she joined Fire tribe.

Training was hard; Rex did not go easy on them despite being his children. If anything, he was harder on them because of it; he wanted them to excel in whatever they chose. Often Lily would go to bed exhausted from the days training, wondering what the next day held. Rex did not only train them in fighting; he also taught them basic herb lore. He taught them how to navigate around their home. The one thing he did not teach them was to hunt. 
Their mother taught them to hunt. She was a gentle but firm teacher, correcting them when they crouched wrong and encouraging them when they did not catch their target. Lily loved hunting; she was good at it but not the best yet. She knew she could do better and practiced in her past time. 
Fighting training was a different matter though; she was not so good at it, and it was not because she did not try. She refused to quit though, pushing herself to the limits. She knew one job of a warrior was fighting, therefore, if she could not fight she would never become a warrior. The harder she tried, the better she became; soon she could block and fight back. 
Finally, the time came for her to leave; she bid her family goodbye, knowing she might not see them again and headed out for Fire Tribe. Once she joined her tattoo filled with color, and she became Chiaki.  Nomow she lives there as a warrior. 

Apprentice/Mentor: n/a 
Soulbond: n/a 
Mother- Mio- Former Fire Tribe She-Cat that was exiled 
Father- Rex- A rouge male the was formally from fire tribe 
Sister- Saki - A rouge she-cat 
Brother- Edge- A rouge Male 


Kassa - Currently rping
Piper-  Currently Rping
Ruhn- Currently Rping
Ashkii- Currently Rping

Role play types 
-By story: Like the below example, we can do this by notes and go back and forth until we have a complete story or if you have a Google account we can write it by Google documents. 
- By Skype 
- By Note 
- By comment 
Roleplay Example: 
Cinderstorm yawned, crawling out of the dark warriors den, her mouth wide open as she greeted the day. The sun was getting higher, and there was a brisk chill in the air. She knew that she had a patrol to lead today though. Her Scorchflower and Sagepaw were going out to look for herbs. She was confident they could find what they needed, she knew a bit of herb lore from her previous mentor. She watch Sagepaw crawl out of the apprentice den, as she waited for Scorchflower to wake up. She turned her head when she heard rustling behind her and she looked into the brown eyes of her patrol partner.  
"Soon as we eat we will go," she said standing out and walking towards the kill pile. She picked up a vole and walked to a tree laying down to eat. Her partner sleepily followed behind her picking up their own fresh kill. They sat at either side of her eating silently. When they were done they washed their paws and face feeling invigorated. 
"So we are going for herbs?" asked Scorchflower licking her paw and swiping it over one fuzzy-tufted ear, her brown eyes sparkling. 
"Yeah," nodded Cinderstorm her ear flicking. "We should head out soon, it might take us awhile." She flicked her tail toward the entrance of the camp signaling that they should leave. The three she-cats rose to their feet and slinked out the entrance on the search for herbs. Cinderstorm knew they should probably find out what the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice needed before they went, but she was confident that they could find some of the herbs with her limited herb knowledge. 
She knew about cobwebs that helped with bleeding and broken bones.  Juniper Berries, which helped breathing and soothed bellyaches. Her mentor had also told her about feverfew which lowered body temperature and she knew they would probably need that. They'd retrieve these, and if they needed more they would go out and get it. First they would get feverfew, it should grow next to the flame pond.  
They trotted over there content on their plan, they hoped to get back before sun-high. Despite it being almost new-leaf the sun still cause it to be rather warm. There was a chill in the air still that kept it from being unbearable. Soon they reached the flamepool. She spotted a patch of feverfew, much of it was dead because of leafbare but not all of it was. She pointed it out to Sagepaw. This is Feverfew, it helps reduce fever, if you go on a journey and get a fever you will need this; It usually grows by water. 
Scortchflower looked questionably at Cinderstorm, but she went and gathered some in her mouth before they moved on. They stopped at one of the few bushes and trees in the territory. Cinderstorm pointed out the cobwebs to Sagepaw. 
"That is cobwebs, they help with bleeding and broken legs, I'm not sure if we need them but it might be good to take some back anyway." she said watching her apprentice go to get them. The last thing they needed was Juniper berries. She knew most of them were probably dead because of the cold, but she hoped some of them weren't.  They finally found a bit that wasn't dead and she praised starclan. 
"Those are juniper berries, they help breathing and sooth bellyaches. They usually grow in warm dry areas." She explained before picking some off the bush. They now had what she hoped they needed, as they walked back to camp in silence. 
- Taken from recent Assignment for The-Warriors-Guild  
The-Golden-Butterfly  belongs to a ton of people 
Art by me 
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